The one region where the Belt and Road Initiative could make a meaningful impact is Africa. While many of the OBOR projects could be more hype than substance, China's investment in Africa will help connect many countries that have never had an integrated infrastructure network; thus, spurring trade. https://www.cfr.org/blog/china-gives-dam

Brookings highlights an IMF paper discussing how China's economic transition from an investment-led to a consumption-based economy is impacting African growth. Essentially, countries that export agricultural and consumption goods will outperform those that export raw materials. https://www.brookings.edu/blog/africa-in-focus/2017/09/14/figures-of-the-week-chinas-rebalancing-and-african-growth/

Belt and Road projects i will benefit Africa more than any other region. The primary reason is the willingness of African governments to offer sovereign guarantees for infrastructure programs. Asian economies are less prone to do this. This will slow the pace of projects going forward. The scale of Belt and Road is grossly exaggerated because the Chinese are insisting that projects be economically / commercially viable. Many projects are not with government guarantees. There is no free lunch.